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3D CAD Concept Modelling

What we do

A Brief Introduction

IDofThings is a close-knit team of highly productive and experienced multi disciplinary team members.

Research & Discovery

Good design solves a problem or addresses a need. The in-depth research and observation phase allows us to discover and define relevant human behaviors and needs, which drives insights.

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Ideation & Explorations

The concept phase typically allows us to quickly generate a broad range of ideas to explore opportunities driven by our understating of the problem and the insights generated from research. In this phase we define a vision for the project in line with the client values and aspirations.

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Design & Engineering

The design process is a structured sequence for innovation, starting with idea generation and option exploration. It then alternates between human factors and technical requirements, much like a pendulum's swing.

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Testing & Refinements

A preferred concept is taken forward for iterative development, we use tools available to us to create multiple iterations of a design to a refined form and function. This stage focuses in on functional details such as fitment, tolerance and specification of components.

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We build long lasting relationships by helping our clients to accelerate their development, Our commitment is to deliver world class solutions that push the boundaries of possibility is always the same.

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Service Offerings

Conceptualization, Product Design & Development, Systems & Hardware Engineering, Embedded Engineering, Electronics Enclosure Design, Product Packaging, Design for Compliance, Testing & Validation Support, Maintenance & Support, Reverse Engineering, VA/VE, DFMA, Supply Chain Management, Obsolescence Management, Technical Documentation, Prototype Development.
Design Research, Benchmarking, Trend Analysis, Opportunity Mapping, Human Factors, Usability Study, Rough Product Sketching, Refined Invention Sketching, 3D CAD Concept Modelling, High Resolution Rendering, CMF Visualization, Product Animations, Consumer Packaging Design, 3D printed Mockups, IP Drawings & Documentation.
Parametric 3D Modelling, Assembly Modelling, Plastic Part Design, Sheetmetal Part Design, Casting Part Design, Reverse Engineering, Value Engineering, Thermal Management, Structural & Stress Analysis, Detailed Engineering Design, Tolerance Analysis, CAD Conversion / Migration, 2D Drafting, Mechanism Design, Jigs & Fixture Design, Design for Manufacturing, ECO Management, Technical Documentation.
Architecture, Schematics, Layout, BOM Optimization
Multi-Layer, HDI, Flex-Rigid for high-speed, Battery operated, Signal Integrity and space-constrained designs.
FDM 3D Printing, SLA/DLP 3D Printing, SLS/MJF 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, Post Processing, Apperance Models, Functional Prototypes.
CNC Machining, Sheetmetal Fabrication, Tooling for molds, Injection Molding, Low Volume PCB Assembly

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Case Study

We believe in making the best work, and being the best to work with.See our case studies .

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Consumer Electronics

A wide proportion of our projects are consumer electronic devices and enclosures. Applications these products vary widely, some of the projects that we have worked on including wearable tech devices for tracking, contact tracing & navigation assistance.


Automotive accessories and AI based infotainment products are exciting area of innovative products, We have involved with our clients as a part of their development team. They offer opportunities to explore functional requirements and form factor constraints.

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It was our team's expertise in the healthcare domain that allowed us to contribute well to this industry. These projects often need to meet a predetermined specification for performance or meet a set of needs as the primary objective for the design solution.

IOT / Renewable/

We are well equipped to contribute to this industry due to our expertise in sheet metal and plastic design. Applications these products vary widely, some of the projects that we have worked on including remote monitoring and control, Night Vision & Thermal Imaging, Smart Energy management, etc.

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3D Printing

It was a necessity for us to acquire our own 3D printing facility so we could perform quick iterative testing of the design. We eventually gathered superior knowledge and experience about 3D printing technologies available.

PCB Design

We provide custom printed circuit board design and layout for analog, digital, and mixed-signal boards. We can build printed circuit boards from scratch or improve and optimize your existing design for costeffective assembly. With highly-skilled and experienced staff, we are well-positioned to provide quality PCB design & prototyping services.

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Product design process the set of strategic and tactical activities, from idea generation to commercialization.

What we do

Good design solves a problem or addresses a need

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Our Mission

"Transformative Design Solutions through Innovation and Efficiency". IDofThings is on a mission to provide exceptional design and development solutions that stand out for their innovation, efficiency, and client-centric focus. By embracing advanced technologies and cost-effective methodologies, we aim to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients, contributing to the success and sustainability of their projects.

Our Vision

"Shaping Tomorrow's Products through Innovative Industrial Design". IDofThings is committed to shaping a future where industrial design plays a pivotal role in the creation of intelligent, sustainable, and user-centric products. Through innovation, human-centricity, and collaboration, we aspire to leave an indelible mark on the world of design, setting new benchmarks for what is possible in the realm of product development.

Our Team

Meet the team of experts

At our Industrial Design Studio, we are driven by a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of design, with a strong focus on innovation, functionality, and sustainability. Our team is committed to creating exceptional designs that not only meet the present but shape the future. Let's partner together to bring your vision to life and make a lasting impact on the world.


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Arunraj is the founder | CEO of IDofThings. Striving to design meaningful products with a blend of creativity, tech-expertise, sustainability, and commercial focused outcomes. His experience in the field of Industrial and Mechanical Design spans two decades and he has developed products worldwide. ISRO, GE Healthcare, THALES, Nissan Ashok Leyland, etc. recognized him for his contributions to product development.


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Seasoned leader with technical and management experience in large enterprises and startups. In his 35 years of experience, he has been involved in analog, digital, embedded and power electronics and focused on optimizing product design for performance, reliability and cost; as well as ensuring regulatory compliance for medical, industrial and information technology products. Held senior engineering positions in critical development programs.


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Chandran is a senior Industrial Design professional having over 35+ years of experience in India, with more than fifteen years exposure to global customers. He has a proven track record of successfully designing more than hundred products from multiple domains. Endowed with excellent artistic and visualization skills. Retained passion for hands-on experience in designing throughout his career, using state-of-theart design tools.


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A detail - oriented, performance driven, and highly-accomplished Industrial Designer with 10+ years of experience in developing concepts and designs for multiple domains. He has the ability to stem up with steady new ideas and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities. Possess excellent skills to evaluate the function, aesthetics, production costs, and usability of products when developing new product concepts.


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He is passionate about creating innovative and sustainable solutions that bring value to both clients and end-users. He has worked with ODM and OEM partners, sound understanding of engineering principles, combined with proficiency in CAD software and hands-on experience with prototype development and testing. His career has been marked by significant contributions to the successful completion of numerous projects.

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